Eheim Fresh Plants 24W T5 eheim (Fish , Lighting , Florescent Tubes) 22479878

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EHEIM lighting concept you can create considerably better living conditions in your aquarium. In terms of aquarium lighting, here has been nothing available to date that has impressed us. That is why we have been looking at new ways to develop lighting solutions and we have also done some additional research with astonishing results. The EHEIM lighting concepts puts everything that came before, in the shade. Optimum light flux ensures maximum efficiency. Colour spectrums and light performance are precisely co-ordinated. Plant growth (e.g. coral growth) is extremely well promoted. Brightness and natural colour rendering are simply fascinating. What is more, you profit from low energy consumption and very long service life. Benefits of EHEIM light tubes: - T5 Tube, Ø 16 mm - Optimum usage of T5-technology - New specifically designed light tubes offer additional possibilities - Optimised light flux for maximum efficiency - Maximum output (Lumen per Watt) - Ideally co-ordinated spectrum, combined light colours (for plants or corals) - Clear light, high brightness - Lifelike, unadulterated colour rendering - Low energy consumption - For fresh water and marine aquariums (all in two options and make a superb combination) - Enhanced blue and red spectrum - Ideal for healthy growth of demanding plants - Clear, bright light with no warm tones or yellow tinge - maximum brightness - Naturally emphasises the red and blue colours of the fish - Due to their brightness, the light can be used as the sole light source or additional lights can be added if required.

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